cartoon zombie face public domain clip artSo I had this general idea for some t-shirt design featuring a zombie, but thought I needed a zombie face to do it. A quick search for zombie clip art wasn't turning up anything I really liked... at least not anything free.

I've been finding that if I'm willing to invest the time, I can do some halfway decent stuff with Inkscape. It's like Adobe Illustrator, only it's free. It doesn't have all of Illustrator's functions, but it has some Illustrator doesn't have. So I drew a cartoon zombie face which I've contributed to the Open Clip Art Library.

This means I, the author of the Cartoon Zombie Face, have placed it into the public domain. You can use it however you want, whenever you want, wherever you want. You do not need my permission and you don't even need to credit me (though credit and a link back here would be nice). And I guarantee it is public domain because I drew it and I'm putting it out there.

The image above links to a 997 x 1161 pixel .gif you can download. If you want a vector version (can be used in Illustrator or Inkscape to create extremely high-resolution versions) right click this link and "save link as" for the file in .SVG format.


3 Responses to “Cartoon Zombie Face Public Domain Clip Art”
  1. wit says:

    Funny! I was watching CNN last night and they highlighted some story where a guy hacked into the highway road signs and reprogrammed them to say "RUN, Zombies ahead" and other zombie related comments. "Zombie Feeding Zone" etc. It was funny if you ask me.

  2. mike reece says:

    cool pic just wondering what else you can do as i own a business which deals in clothes in the extreme sports world and am now looking for new talent for my company obviously you will get paid if they sell so if you fancy showing us what you can do give us a shout


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