Just got this slipping through my spam filters about 10 minutes ago. It looks like a legitimate e-mail sent through CareerBuilder. It's not and the job's a scam. Here's the text of the mail and then I'll debunk it after.

From: msi.group.uk@gmail.com<candidateemail@site.careerbuilder.com>
Subject: Message from Careerbuilder: Are you looking for Legal Job in US?

Dear Candidate,

After viewing your resume on Careerbuilder.com, we have decided to contact you regarding an offer for a well paid job. We are looking for a Financial Representative in the US.

The Financial Representative will work closely with our Financial Department to manage and process payment orders (checks) and to serve as the key conduit for those requirements.

You will perform transfers for funds received as payments (from out clients) and support the company’s financial transactions by assisting with good communication skills and financial records.

  • Duties will include light book keeping, invoicing, filing, data entry
    and document control

  • Representative will be tasked to receiving payments via Bank Checks, processing these transactions and keep records as well as making the necessary money transfers
  • Opportunity to work at home: maximum 2 hours each business day


  • Knowledge to scan and print documents
  • Attention to detail and organized, with good communication skills both verbal and written
  • US citizen or permanent residence/green card holder
  • You will need to have an existing US bank account for processing the payments
  • No criminal record


  • Work at home
  • Attractive bonuses and commissions with each order
  • Nothing to sale and no contact with our clients

Salary and commissions

  • Guaranteed commissions totaling up to $5,500.00 every month + $1,000.00 basis monthly salary
  • Commission: 10% from every processed order that you will receive upon cashing a check

If you would like to work for us, reply to this e-mail with the subject:
“I am interested”

First, there are no legitimate jobs cashing checks for foreign companies on commission. This is one of the oldest job scams going around. The checks are forged, but many banks will cash checks below a certain value without waiting for them to clear. So they cash a couple of checks for you, you go wire off the money by Western Union, and then a few days later, the clearinghouse returns the check to the bank as bogus, and you're the one on the hook for paying back the bank.

On top of this, a lot of these crooks may use this as an opportunity to get your social security number and other personal information so that after they're done scamming you, they can steal your identity.

But how can you tell this is not really sent from CareerBuilder? Look at the full mail headers. In Thunderbird, for example, an easy way to do this is to use the "Message Source" option from the "View" menu.

A real e-mail sent via CareerBuilder will go through their servers and have a line in the headers that looks like this:

Received: from [] (helo=Site.CareerBuilder.com)

Instead, you're going to find that this particular e-mail has a line that looks like this:

Received: from elasmtp-masked.atl.sa.earthlink.net ([])

Instead of coming through Careerbuilder, it came through an Earthlink mail server. It was probably sent from a spam-spewing zombie computer on a botnet.

Now, I know that a lot of you who found this page were looking on Google, checking if this was a scam, hoping you might not find anything. You might be out of work, struggling financially, really needing something to keep everything from crashing down. But if you're here, you knew something wasn't kosher.

No matter how bad it gets, keep your head on straight. These crooks are all about preying on people when they're at their most vulnerable. The more desperate you are, the more you have to make sure you're looking at things with a critical eye.

Good luck to you all. God bless.

4 Responses to “Job Scam: MSI Group UK”
  1. HoundOfDoom says:

    I just got a variant of the Nigerian cash scam masquerading as a offer through iitjobs. These knuckleheads keep trying to separate us from our cash!

  2. yan says:

    Thank you, I just got one this mail and I replied to get the job and they send me a contracted email. I hope other one just like me before do anything check it first
    Thank you again.

  3. Marie says:

    I just found out today this company...MSI wrote out a check in my name to buy a wheelchair for $2600.00 froma guy in Indiana. I had applied to the company and changed my mind, but unfortunetly they used my info to forged a check in my name and tried to have thi poor dude cash it!

    Fortunately, the guy was awesome, and called me to verify the check due to the fact he felt he was being scammed himself!!I really wanna thank him for helping me out!! Thanks a million!!

    Still all-in-all we both had to close our checking accounts and now these liars have our info! But I will not rest until I get them shut down! No one deserves to be taken this way, we a re all just struggling to survive and these savages should be brought to justice!!

    Thanks a bunch!! You know who you are!


  4. Marie says:

    PS: How do we stop them?? That's a question no one knows yet, but someday we will! Stay positive and God Bless!!


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