Saw a very cool article, courtesy of a link on Slashdot, about a guy who was earning a nice living selling pirated software on CD-ROMs.

Apparently, the operative phrase here is "was earning a nice living". As P2P (peer-to-peer) file sharing technologies like Gnutella, LimeWire, and BitTorrent have proliferated along with a CD burner becoming standard on every PC, his business dried up. All the people who were buying pirated software from him could now just go online and download it.

He eventually had to shut down his operation, sell the big house and flashy car, and he and his wife had to get real jobs again.

It's basically a story about an enterprising small businessman who was forced out of business by the rampant spread of technology making his product obsolete. On the other hand, he was a criminal who was selling pirated software, so it's dang hard to feel any sympathy for him.

But what gets me is the end of the story. "Other industries affected by P2P should take note: Don't be a Tony. Overhaul your business model. Quickly."

Yeah, don't be a Tony. Find some other illegitimate way to make money. I hear wine forgery is an up and coming way to earn a dishonest living.


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