I've always had this feeling that I would win $70 million in the lottery. Didn't know when, just that it would happen. Have not been relying on it for financial planning, but when I've had feelings like this that stuck, they've often come true.

So, tonight's MegaMillions jackpot is $113 million with a "cash option" payout of $70 million.

The odds are against it. Odds of scoring a jackpot lottery ticket are 1 in around 175,711,536. But the cash option is $70 million. If my little prophetic intuition is going to come true, tonight is a good night for it to happen. I could sure as heck use the money.

So, I bought a ticket. I can always hope.

And if I'm not a millionaire tomorrow, I still get to go to a party and and watch fireworks.

UPDATE - post drawing: Bupkis!

2 Responses to “When Am I Gonna Win The Lotto?”
  1. Winnie says:

    What a coincidence - I always have a feeling I won't win, but I buy at times anyway (and not always when it's high up). Maybe we should combine forces and the lottery wont know what hit it...

    Oh, wait - I'm not in the area/state ranges for MegaMillions. I guess I'll just settle for playing Yahtzee against Grandma for bragging rights...

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